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Brisbane WeekenderLavosh Patisserie is a gem in Red Hill, serving up American inspired bagels with all of the trimmings, delicate petit fours and larger sweet and cheap-as-chips $3 Piazza Doro coffee.

With all items made or baked daily, the New York style bagels are a common favourite, filled with the likes of salmon, cream cheese, rocket and capers.

A highlight is the vegetarian bagel generously stocked with fresh and healthy ingredients such as eggplant.

Despite the gourmet breads and bagels, the quaint patisserie is known by the locals for their New Zealand sausage rolls with two meats and delicious pastry that has everyone lining up for more.

The child friendly patisserie hand makes incredible petit fours, each one tantalising the taste buds and leaving diners searching for the unique, delicious and surprising flavours.

While the Lemon Meringue Tart and gluten free Macaroons are incredible delights to the side of any coffee or after lunch treat.

Details: 154 Musgrave Road, Red Hill QLD 4061 | 07 3369 4461 | Open Monday 6:15am to 4:00pm and Tuesday to Saturday 6:15am to 4.30pm

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Brisbane’s Best Bakery

La Vosh Patisserie

This Red Hill bakery is warm and welcoming, with old-fashioned plastic fly strips in the doorway and little wooden tables for cosy pastry-devouring. It’s a destination for its specialties – it’s one of the only places in Brisbane that makes Jewish bread (challah, Fridays only) and is well-known for its bagels, which you can buy filled, plain or toasted with cream cheese. The bagels are excellent – chewy and dense, as they should be. A small tart filled with silken custard and topped with strawberries is fantastic, as are the macarons. Sour cherry brioche or white chocolate blueberry donuts are indulgent versions of bakery classics. There’s also the usual ciabatta/sourdough/ baguette on offer. May also be one of Brisbane’s only bakeries that sells sorbet.

You must try:   a bagel.

Bread: 4/5
Pastries: 4.5/5
Selection: 4/5

Total: 12.5/5.    A perfect example of the quality-over-quantity creed at work. 154 Musgrave Road, Red Hill.

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The Seven Best Bagels in Brisbane

LA VOSH PATISSERIE – 154 Musgrave Rd, Red Hill

la vosh‘With 11 different types of bagels, this small bakery knows what’s what in the bagel world. Founded by Steve Day after an all too persuasive trip to New York, this café relishes the simplicity of the bagel – sometimes all it takes is a cream cheese and chive filling to spark a bagel addiction. You can eat your bagel, while watching one of the skilled make the next batch from the comfort of your seat – it’s the perfect in store entertainment.’

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Hidden Food Secrets of Brisbane

You know what? Of course Ortiga does great charcuterie. And I would be mortified if Banneton delivered anything less than exceptional bread. I don’t want to hear any more about Alfred and Constance’s slow roasts, I KNOW. I know these guys are killing it. Deliciousness abounds in these places.

But I want to be surprised for a change. I want to find greatness amidst squalor, surprise treats in all the wrong places. So I’ve started a hunt. A hunt for good food in shit places, delicacies where others dare not venture. Because, after all, this site is about loving food, all of the food.

This list will continue to evolve; this is but the beginning.

La Vosh, Red Hill: Bagels (the tuna bagel has a cult following), custard filled donuts and the Friday-only Challah bread.

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Coney Island Chili Dog hits the mark at La Vosh Red Hill

Coney Island Chili Hot Dog at La Vosh

As winter officially arrives this weekend, add a touch of warming spice to your diet (though diet is definitely the wrong word here) with the Coney Island Chili Dog from La Vosh Patisserie in Red Hill.

Reminiscent of the hot dog stands of New York, La Vosh owner Steve Day created the Coney Island Chili Dog after a trip to the great US of A. Training as a French-style pastry chef, Steve is passionate about French food, evident by the fluffy almond croissants and perfectly crafted tarts at his Red Hill patisserie. But it was in New York that he discovered a love of and desire to create Jewish and iconic, traditional American foodstuffs as well.

Passionate about everything handmade and employing age-old baking methods, Steve has created his own Coney Island Chili Dog recipe, keeping it as traditional as possible with a true chili kick. While Coney Island may have been the birthplace of the original hot dog, the Coney Island Chili Dog does not actually originate from there. Steve has chosen a ‘Santa Fe’ level of spice for the La Vosh version, with the spicy, chunky chili sitting atop a warmed hot dog. Then topped with roughly chopped raw onion, American mustard and grated cheese, your hot dog even comes with a side of corn chips and sour cream. Try this American beast as well as the fresh, boiled-then-baked bagels gracing the countertops of this Red Hill bread nook.

La Vosh Patisserie
154 Musgrave Road, Red Hill
Ph: 07 3369 4461

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Speciality Bagels come to CBD

Here’s a very good reason to miss your train home.

La Vosh Patisserie owner Stephen Day

La Vosh Patisserie, the bakery considered one of Brisbane’s best, has opened a new store at Brisbane’s Central Station.

It’s specialising in the Red Hill bakery’s popular bagels, tempting passing commuters with plain, filled, or spread with flavoured cream cheese, as well as their popular macaroons (try the salted caramel), croissants, brioche, and cake.

‘‘The Red Hill store is a lot more boutique,’’ owner Stephen Day said.

‘‘Here’s it’s got more of the New York theme.”

They’re offering up to twelve types of bagels, from plain to blueberry to jalapeno, hand-rolled in front of customers and baked on-site.

There’s also several health-conscious options (smoked salmon on a soy and linseeed bagel, for example).

La Vosh’s bagels are truly great – chewy and dense, the result of following the correct process of boiling then baking them. If you’ve only ever eaten bagels from the supermarket, they’re worth a trip to Central, train or no train.

Sadly, there’s no plans to start selling their bread as well. Fans will still have to head to Red Hill for that.

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Best in Brisbane:  Posh Pies

2. Lavosh, Red Hill – Chunky Meat Pie $4.80

Chunky is the word with large tender pieces of meat through it. Unlike many meat pies, it wasn’t at all gelatinous but had a good meaty texture and pleasant flavour. Lovely flaky golden pastry, with a small trim around the edges giving extra crunch. It looks pleasantly home made.

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La Vosh Patisserie, Red Hill, Brisbane

One of Brisbane’s bakery gems is tucked away on this busy intersection, serving up fresh New York bagels, Jewish Challah bread (Fridays), gelato, petits fours, brioche & pies.

With everything baked or made daily on the premises and a bohemian little café incorporated, this is a must-stop if passing through. Specialties are the bagels – plain, poppy seed or filled, dense brioches and almond croissants as well as yeast free jam donuts.

Competing with these though are the delicious gourmet pies – try the vindaloo cottage pie – and the gelato in flavours such as burnt caramel. The coffee is well-made Giancarlo, the music cool jazz funk and soul and children are made to feel welcome with $1 babycinos and butcher paper & crayons for self-expression.

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La Vosh is Delish!

Rating out of 5:   4 child friendly forks!! 
Clean highchairs available? No high chairs
Pram access? Yes.

Kids’ menu? No, but not needed
Play area? No
Activities at the table? Yes.
Room for kids to move around? Not a lot
Child friendly atmosphere? Yes.
Prices? Very reasonable.

In recommending this cafe/patisserie, it is not because of a large playground where you can sit back and let the kids run riot.  It is more a place that you take your children to have a babycino, sit up at the table and have a chat.  Every child needs to learn table manners and how to behave in a cafe, and this is a really easy place to get them into the swing of things.

I went there with my two boys (both 3 years old) and my older daughter (6), and we had a delightful time.  We ordered $1 babycinos, Dora and Ben 10 drinks, and delicious freshly cooked NY bagels with jam or cream cheese for only $3 each.  My kids only ate half each, so 2 bagels between 3 kids would have been more than enough.  I had a perfect coffee and was tempted (but resisted) by the gorgeous array of cakes and treats on display.

Each table was covered in butchers’ paper with a basket of crayons for the kids to draw.  The kids ate their bagels, drank their drinks and happily drew pictures while Mum relaxed with the paper and coffee.

Also on offer is freshly baked sour dough, hot food, and a colourful display of sorbets, ice cream and gelati, including lemon, raspberry and mango sorbet, vanilla bean ice cream and burnt caramel gelati!!  We will definitely head back there to sample these delights.

La Vosh has an old-style corner store feel, with friendly staff and delish food.  I would definitely recommend it.

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Bagel Bonanza !

Finally, the great Brisbane bagel hunt delivers a bagel that meets Miss Morag’s strict criteria: boiled and baked on the premises. Hip, hip hooray for LaVosh at Red Hill!

MM had a plain bagel, toasted with cream cheese and cinnamon sugar. This doesn’t appear on the menu but as MM stood ‘umming’ and ‘ahing’ over the options, the lovely staff member suggested it. MM was very glad she did, since it’s the perfect, sweet-savoury flavour combination.


Mr M had the brekkie bagel with bacon, egg, cheese and barbecue sauce. The filling was tasty, but more importantly in this case the bagel was properly chewy and fresh.

Finally, the great Brisbane bagel hunt yields bagel treasure!  Thank you La Vosh.

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La Vosh Deli – Anzac Square

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Being from a Jewish family and also originally from Melbourne, L had not had a good bagel since moving to Queensland 5 years ago.

We read on Miss Morags Morsels that LaVosh patisserie definitely had the best bagels in Brisbane, being authentically made (boiled first and then baked). The original Red Hill location was difficult for us to get to though, so when I heard the news that a new LaVosh deli had opened in the Anzac Square arcade food court, we wanted to go and have bagels immediately!

Bagels there are sold separately to take home, or come pre-prepared with meats and salads, or you can make your own combination up. There are also plenty of sweet goodies available as well, including macaroons and little petit fours.L had a smoked salmon poppyseed bagel with capers, cream cheese, onion and rocket, whilst mine had pastrami, rocket, tomato, cheese and a nice relish.

We also grabbed another poppyseed bagel and a jalapeno flavoured bagel to take home. We ate these the next day for breakfast with cream cheese and ham.

The bagels were great, very dense and chewy as they should be.

We couldn’t resist a couple of petit fours, a little lemon meringue and a white chocolate ganache. Both were so delicious, but the meringue was quite runny and not set.

LaVosh is a great place to grab a healthy bagel lunch (if you don’t indulge in the sweets that is!), and if you are after Brisbanes closest thing to an authentic bagel, this is it.


La Vosh Patisserie

Shop 34 Anzac Square Arcade
Adelaide St
Brisbane CBD
Ph 07 3229 4500
Open Breakfast and Lunch Mon-Fri

Radio 4BC

Radio 4BC voted La Vosh’s croissants best in Brisbane in February 2012.



Geoff   January 7, 2012

There is nothing better on a Sunday morning than a bacon and egg bagel, with a coffee from Lavosh.





  1. Geoff says:

    There is nothing better on a Sunday morning than a bacon and egg bagel, with a coffee from Lavosh.

  2. Hi Lavosh, here is our blog post on your anzac square location:
    Thanks for your yummy bagels! we will have to come back soon to grab some more.

  3. Petta says:

    Best lemon meringue tarts!!

  4. Jonny Elston says:

    I must say that the girls at La Vosh really do know how to make you feel like a valid customer! I come in nearly every morning to get my coffee and bagel and Im always greeted with a smile and ‘Good Morning Jonny!’ Iv worked in 5 Star hospitality establishments and this service is just amazing and welcoming! I strongly recommend La Vosh and their incredible Coffee and Bagels! Love your work guys!

    5 Star!


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