Steve Day

Steve Day, Owner, La Vosh Patisserie

La Vosh Patisserie makes all their own bagels on site every night.

Steve Day discovered two things missing in Brisbane were bagels and bagels that are made the authentic way….BOILED and then baked !

Find your fresh bagels at La Vosh Patisserie

So many of our customers since first coming into La Vosh are regulars due to the fact we are one of a few places in Brisbane making bagels the New York Style.

Yes!  We boil them first before we bake them. We are proud to say we focus mainly on our bagels.

A trip to New York in 2009 inspired Steve to come back and start producing the New York Bagel for Brisbane Bagel lovers.  This has created a following he didn’t expect.  Steve now bakes a variety of savoury and sweet flavoured bagels along with flavoured cream cheeses to match.

Pick up your fresh hot bagels from 6:30am each morning 7 days a week at our Red Hill Store.





  1. Simone says:

    OMG you have no idea how wonderful it is to find your bakery! I too recently returned from east coast of USA and crave bagels. Blueberry bagel, toasted with cream cheese! Simple but oh so delicious! I even committed to making my own boil and bake style bagels knowing that Brisbane didn’t have them….until I saw this website!

    Can’t wait to try your bagels!!!!

  2. Kerrie says:

    Hi Simone, We’re glad you have the same obsession with delicious and authentically made bagels as we do! We look forward to seeing you soon! La Vosh.


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